Thank you to everyone who came and everyone who participated in Art Of The Heart in beautiful downtown Paris, Texas last night (Oct 7, 2016).  From 4:30 – 7:00 p.m. in the lobby of the downtown Peoples Bank there were very special pieces of art from private art collections across our community making up the “Art Of The Heart” display.  Heart warming and interesting stories accompany each piece on display.  This unique collection of art and art enthusiasts came together to support our local Paris Community Theatre in an effort to raise funds to make essential repairs to one of the more important rooms in the theatre: “powder room”, “ladies room”…. take your pick we all know how important this room can be! For more information about how you can be a part of the next event, e-mail


My husband sharing a memory from his childhood:

The Lion Feeding Cubs was purchased by my Grandmother, Rachel Jeffries Faber, the daughter of the late P.D. & Lillian Hull Jeffries who owned the wagon yard that was located just north of the court house in Paris, Texas.  She purchased the sculpture from the estate of the late J.J. & Bonnie Culbertson.  The Culbertson’s gave the fountain on the square as well as the library to the city of Paris, Texas.  She bought the lion on the last day of the sale and was told it was purchased in France on one of the Culbertson’s trips abroad and shipped back to Paris, Texas.  The sculpture always sat in a room in her home that was off limits to us children.  My first recollection of the lion was when as a child my Grandmother would read to us.  One night we were reading about lions and tigers.  I said I wish I could see a real lion or tiger.  My Grandmother said she had a lion in her house.  I said, “No way!”  She took me to the off limits room to see the sculpture.  And from that day forward I would ask to see the lion.  My grandmother was a wonderful teacher and later she taught me the circle of life from this sculpture.  I have always cherished the memory of my Grandmother and the lion and cubs.  At one point, she was going to sell the lion and had already sent it to New Orleans to an auction house.  I got a phone call from my Grandmother one morning.  She was upset about selling the lion and asked me if I would go and get it from the auction house.  I and my wife, Mary, drove to New Orleans to pick up the lion.  Several months went by, when one day she had it brought to our home and told me she wanted me to have the lion because she remembered how much it meant to me.  She said the reason she had called that day so distraught was because she had not been able to sleep all night after thinking about how much the lion had meant to me and that it was about to be auctioned off.  It has remained in a prominent place in our home since that day and stands as a continual reminder of my Grandmother’s love for me and the things she taught me.

This is my story of the lion and cubs… Jeff Faber


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