20170418_204238Sometimes we put our talents on a shelf or neglect them for a season.  As with my ability to frame pretty much anything I come across, I let it set in a semi-quiet state for a season.  I can truly say the talent and love for framing pictures and art work of many different kinds is given to me by my Heavenly Father.  And as I’ve learned over time, He expects me to use the talent He’s given me.  He keeps putting opportunities in front of me to bless those around me and glorify Him.

I’ve come to a time in life where I can truly say I love the church God has allowed us to be a part of.  That’s not to say, I didn’t love the church families I’ve been apart of in the past, but this church just seems to take up a special place in my heart.  It may be the season of life that I’m in or the abundant opportunities that present themselves each time I enter the building.  As a person who takes being able to give of my time and talent to make people comfortable in their surrounds as a challenge, the church is a great place to practice giving of that time and talent and for that purpose.  Recently, someone made a remark jokingly that I should frame all of the certificates given to the church that hadn’t been framed, not knowing, it was my intent to accomplish just that.  I only saw the opportunity to frame the picture above.  But, as it usually happens, God had a byproduct in mind for my willingness to follow His leading: the joy and pleasure He gives as I “practice” to “make perfect” the skill He’s given me by providing me with more pictures to frame.


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