Happy 80th Birthday!

Sharing My Quiet Time

He was waiting for me. All animals seem to have an internal clock and keep their patterns and schedules. Even helping and encouraging us with their actions to keep our habits.


Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!

Our doctor called with the good news that made our hearts beat with praise! Hope for the future is restored! “It’s benign!” Those words mean so much and resonate with so many. Thank you for all your prayers. And our prayers continue with those who are still waiting for hope to be restored.

Christmas dinner is a little early this year…

The rolls are coming out, the ham is almost done and we’ll be picking up the turkey in just a little while that’s been smoked along with several racks of ribs.  I am definitely ready for the holiday season to begin.   Merry Christmas to everyone!

Glaze: Apple Butter on top and Apple Juice in the pan

Recipe: It’s a secret.  😀

And, lots of family photos!