Happy 80th Birthday!

I emphasize “able to understand it.”

Sometimes it’s ok to say “Thank you Jesus for the feeling of satisfaction you provide without the fear and uncertainty of not knowing if I deserve that feeling.”  After a year of studying and several re-attempts at tests, I was able to request several hard earned certificates.  And, more importantly, thank The One who gave me the brain power to accomplish the end result.  He also provided a lot of encouragement through friends and family who kept me going when it felt impossible.  The last test taken, I am now certified by the International Chamber of Commerce in regard to letters of credit dealing with import and export banks, documentary credits and the laws pertaining.

Just a note, it’s a bit far removed from most of the other things God has gifted me with that I truly enjoy; like framing the certificate.  But, once  the information I was studying sunk in and I was able to understand it and to apply it, this too was enjoyable.  I emphasize “able to understand it.”

Encourage someone you know to Enjoy The Journey.